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the church in town -- Buckhorn Ontario -- Sundays 10 am

Steps forward for East and West

I bet you didn’t know what led to the first break-up in the Christian Church. It was because of disagreements over the contents of the Nicene Creed.

In the West, a clause was added about the Holy Spirit by saying the the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and the Son — the so-called ‘filioque’ clause which means “and the Son” in Latin. Before this schism in 1054, the Church (Body of Christ) was without divisions by geography or by denominations. After it, the Church was divided into the Eastern Orthodox Church and the Church in the West. So, this news item from the Episcopal Church in the USA is notable.


— Not sure what changes this may mean at some point.

Theologians from the Anglican Communion and Oriental Orthodox Churches have signed a historic agreement on the Holy Spirit. The theologians signed their agreed statement, On the Procession and Work of the Holy Spirit [PDF], Oct. 26 at the end of a week of discussions by the Anglican Oriental-Orthodox International Commission (AOOIC). The statement concludes two years of work on the subject.

In their 2015 meeting in Wales, AOOIC members discussed the “procession” of the Holy Spirit, and agreed on omitting the Filioque clause.

The clause was appended to the Nicene Creed by the Latin Western tradition causing a schism between the Oriental Orthodox Churches and the Western churches that was inherited by the Anglican tradition. It says the Holy Spirit proceeds “from the Son” (Jesus) as well as the Father.

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