Be our guest — community supper

'Be our Guest' community supper huge success

It was non-stop for community and parish volunteers as they served close to 150 local folks 

It was the best community supper ever," Eunice Blakeley, event organizer, said as the community and parish volunteers were wrapping up after a very busy evening. Based on RSVP's to give an idea of expected attendance, the parish was anticipating about 120 guests. With walk-ins by those who had just noticed the road-side sign that advertised the supper, there were likely closer to 150 people for the spaghetti supper.

Alas, the more the merrier. There was lots of food for all. Volunteers put up some additional tables. And places at the other tables were re-filled as soon as they were vacated. 

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Chef Doris and sous-chef Peggy did an amazing job once again with their renown pasta sauces -- one with meat, the other vegan -- to accompany the delicious pasta. And of course, you can't really have pasta and sauce without caesar salad and garlic bread, both of which came with the more than ample servings of pasta and sauce of choice.

Home-made rhubarb crisp with either vanilla or chocolate ice-cream topped off the main course. Marylou baked the rhubarb crisp during church on Sunday. She forewarned parishioners that there would be a wonderful aroma in the parish hall after church and admonished them not to touch. Everyone there knew the dessert for the community supper would be amazing. (By the way, Marylou didn't miss church.)

There was a steady flow of customers at the dessert table as Jim and Don doled out the delicious desserts. One young fellow with a wide smile said that his grandmother made him go up for another dessert. Jim and Don didn't buy the story but, as they chuckled, they made sure the lad did honour his grandmother's 'instructions'.

Marion, Olive and Pat applied their artistic talents to decorating the parish hall both at the entry way and throughout the hall to add a touch of Italia to the ambiance.

Thank you to Canon Jack and Mary for the warm greetings they extended to welcome folks at the doorway to the parish hall. Thank you to Tom for his astute marketing of tickets on the draw for two baskets of Italian specialties. Thanks also to Eunice for all her work in organizing and coordinating everything.

And our most sincere thanks to our community and parish volunteers who set up the hall, did all the earlier preparations for the meal and cooked and served the meal. It was delicious, as many, many of the supper guests remarked.

Thank you especially for the generous support by all for the Outreach and Ministry of St Matthew - St Aidan

Blessings to you.

A number of years ago, the People of St Matthew-St Aidan created the "Be our Guest" Community Spaghetti Supper. The parish invited all members of the local community to be their guests at the supper.

The intention was to offer a tasty spaghetti supper, with Chef Doris' authentic Italian sauce, especially to those for whom it would be a special treat. It was also a way of continuing to enhance connections with the people of the local community.

This was not a fund-raising event. There was no cost associated with coming to the supper and no basket was put out for donations. Nonetheless, guests asked to make contributions to the parish. And so, now there is a free-will offering basket available but no expectation for anyone to pay to enjoy the tasty fare of this community gathering.

What funds people may choose to offer is gratefully accepted and goes to support the outreach and ministry of St Matthew-St  Aidan in the local community and beyond.


  1. Nancy Fairweather on 17 September 2019 at 11:25 AM

    Truly sorry I unable to attend. Kudos to all for their mighty efforts !

    • Father Glenn on 17 September 2019 at 12:51 PM

      Hi Nancy, It was an amazing evening. I was thinking about you. You missed a great time. And we missed you!



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