Once again the feature of the Annual Spring Tea was a spring and summer planter demonstration by Vikki of Griffin’s Greenhouses, Lakefield. That’s not to say that the menu fare was not almost as fantastic. The Spring Tea menu offered several kinds of home-made quiche, fresh salads and scrumptious desserts. Check out the slides to get the full picture.

Vikki shared really useful tips about spring planting and how to transition from the hearty mid-spring plants into those that provide colour and blossoms throughout the hot days of summer. It was great to see how properly to create a spring-summer planter but all along her demonstration, Vikki gave out secret tips that could turn each person in attendance into a master gardener for their neighbourhood. She mentioned that she’d be happy to offer additional assistance for anyone who would like to visit her at Griffins Greenhouses in Lakefield.

Through lunch, there were on-going draws for small but useful prizes. And, once the planter was completed, a draw was done from the attendance tickets. One lucky person got to take a really great summer planter home. There was also a second draw for a special rocking-chair planter which was donated by Peggy and Donnie Roberts. Congratulations to both winners.

Thanks to Marion and Nancy F plus all the helpers from the parish who made the Spring Tea a great success and fun afternoon for all. Special thanks and appreciation to Vikki!

Check out a great article on this that appeared in The Examiner 10 May .

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