Coronavirus (COVID-19) important update info for parish

Bishop Andrew, Bishop of Toronto, has provided update information in a letter to Churchwardens and parish clergy

Message from our Parish Priest

Bishop Andrew sent an update letter to parish clergy and churchwardens on 13 March. There is a link to the full letter and to other resources below.

There is a multitude of coverage in the media that includes a press conference today by the Prime Minister about current steps and procedures related to the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

As government officials and our Diocesan Bishop continue to emphasize, it is important for us to be seeking accurate information about the Coronavirus and to flow the recommendations to protect our health and that of others. There are some official links to below to sources of accurate information. There is also a poster that provides information on how to take precautions to remain healthy.



To follow the recent guidelines from the Anglican Diocese of Toronto, we will be making some adjustments in our parish life:

  • We have already implemented the earlier guidelines for receiving Communion in One Kind by sharing only the bread during Celebrations of the Eucharist (including beyond the parish setting).  This is a perfectly valid way to receive Communion by having only the bread. Only the Celebrant will receive wine.

Additional steps that we are now implementing:

  • We will be cancelling social gatherings within the parish. Although there are no parish events scheduled in the immediate future, we will re-assess our schedule and plans based on the situation at that time. For now, all social gatherings are suspended until further notice.
  • We will be suspending coffee hour after our Sunday Services for the time-being.


We will continue with our Sunday and Wednesday Services based on the guidelines from Bishop Andrew.  We will continue to follow the instructions and guidelines from the Diocese and Health Authorities and we will keep you posted as new information becomes available.

The Churchwardens and I are considering contingencies to adjust our pastoral and liturgical practices as we try to anticipate future needs in order to continue the provision of our ministry as a parish. 

Let us pray for those affected by the Coronavirus and especially for all levels of health-care providers who are assessing and caring for the needs of people in our communities across our province and nation.

Faithfully in Christ,




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