Fare thee well, dear Helen

On the Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost, 15 November, the people of St Matthew - St Aidan bade farewell to their dear friend and long-time parishioner, Helen Minten ODT. For six years, Helen has lived in Peterborough but made her faithful journey each Sunday to Buckhorn. "The drive worries me with the winter weather coming on and I really need to be putting down roots in my new city," Helen said.


In his homily and tribute to Helen, Father Glenn Empey mentioned that, if it were not for the confinement of the pandemic, this day would be one that we would mark with a special lunch and gala affair to give thanks for Helen, for all she has contributed over many years, and to give her our blessings.


Since there has been no singing at church since the beginning of the pandemic, Susan Knights has not been playing on Sundays. But, she jumped at the chance to offer a very special treat with music throughout the Liturgy on this special occasion. We greatly appreciate her musical gift for Helen and for the parish!


Immediately after his homily and tribute, on behalf of the parish, Father Glenn presented Helen with a table-top coffee book entitled In the Footsteps of the Group of Seven. Along with their actual paintings, the book contains a series of photographs that depict the exact locations where the Group of Seven created their works of art.


At the conclusion of the Liturgy, there were more surprises for Helen. Marylou presented Helen with a porch planter for the Christmas Season and added that it was one of a series of four planters that will be delivered to her by Griffins Greenhouses throughout the coming year. She also presented Helen with a specially embroidered apron since Helen so often sports an apron while working in her kitchen. The special apron was a gift from the ACW with embroidery work by Karen Woodley. Marylou presented another gift from friends at the parish.


Helen was deeply touched by the good wishes of the people of St Matthew - St Aidan. "I though there may have been a few words today but I never expected anything like this," she said.


While Helen has now "formalized" her move to Peterborough, we know that she is not far away. The parish bestowed upon her the honourary title of parishioner emerita to make sure that she knows that she is always welcome at St Matthew - St Aidan. Helen has started to gather with the people of St Luke's in Peterborough where she will make her new spiritual home. She remarked that she already has connections their since Father Glenn serves there as parish priest.

Parishioner Emerita


Twenty-fourth Sunday after Pentecost, 15 November 2020

Dear Helen,

We want you to know, and always to remember, how very much we appreciate and cherish your presence and faithful participation in our parish community over so many years. As a faithful servant of Our Lord Jesus Christ, you have always made a positive and meaningful difference in the life of the parish and in our caring for those in need.

Please know of our most heartfelt thanks and deep appreciation for your ministry and for all you have contributed at St Matthew–St Aidan in Buckhorn for so many years.

We will miss your presence but we are comforted in knowing that you are not venturing far afield. So that you will know that you are always welcome here, we bestow upon you the honourary title of ‘parishioner emerita’ with all our blessings.


The People of St Matthew - St Aidan


  1. Eunice on 29 November 2020 at 12:23 PM

    Many thanks Father Glenn for your heartfelt tribute to our sister Helen. I did a search of Helen’s name on the website and was richly rewarded with what amounts to an extended photo story on Helen. I want, therefore, to add my appreciation for your hard work a d creativity on our website.

    • Glenn Empey on 29 November 2020 at 4:22 PM

      🙂 🙂 🙂


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