St Matthew - St Aidan

the church in town -- Buckhorn Ontario -- Sundays 10 am

the church in town -- Buckhorn Ontario -- Sundays 10 am

Hall packed with guests for community spaghetti dinner

Local Chef Doris

More than 100 community guests took the parish up on its offer for a spaghetti dinner. One of them -- local legend "Jack the Bear" (aka Jack Williams) -- had noticed the announcement on the parish road-side sign during the Buckhorn Rock-the-Locks event in late summer. He also noticed that the date was the same as his birthday.

Since his wife had promised to take him out for dinner on his birthday, and since Jack loves his pasta and sauce, he decided that the parish community dinner was where to go. And so he did. We hope that it was indeed a Happy Birthday for "Jack the Bear".

By the way, the fantastic sauce for the pasta was lovingly created by local chef Doris with her helper, Peggy Roberts. "Justa like-a momma makes," we like to say.

The invitation to the spaghetti dinner is for people to be guests of the parish. There is no charge. A few years ago when the parish began this connection with the community, people asked if they could offer something in support of the parish. And, so now there is a basket in which people can place their free-will offering if they choose. This is very kind, not expected but greatly appreciated in support of the ministry of the church. Blessings and thanks to you.

In addition to the 100+ people who attended from the community, Marion Watson had a crew of parish and community folks who did all the preparatory work: table decorations, set-up, salads, home-baking for desserts, serving the tables, and the final clean-up and taking down tables and stacking chairs. Thank you to Marion and everyone on the 'Spaghetti Team' from the community and the parish. It was an amazing evening. (Check out the slideshow below.)

Sincere thanks to each person who contributed in any way to the success of the evening.

The decorations were a wonderful added touch along an Italian theme although the wine bottles were empty and for decoration purposes only. In keeping with the theme (after an explanation in English) the grace before the meal was offered in Latin by our parish priest. This was much a surprise and a joy for parishioner Nick Sacchitiello who hadn't heard much Latin since he left Italy many years ago.

As part of the event, there was a basket of Italian delights -- even some 'vino' -- that was raffled off at the end of the evening. The basket also incuded a special tea towel embroidered with a great recipe for bruschetta by Karen Woodley. Everyone's name was placed in the draw.

It turns out to be a small world. The winner of the special basket of Italian delicacies was a young lady who was baptized at St Matthew -St Aidan's a few years ago. She is Hanna-Sky who came to the supper with her grandmother, Mary, and her great-aunt, Barb Rogers. Hanna-Sky and her mom now live in Peterborough. They attended the parish regularly when they lived in Buckhorn. When Hanna-Sky got the telephone call about her prize, her mom brought her back to the church to collect it.

Since Hanna-Sky is a very young lady, she said that her mom could have the wine that was part of the basket of goodies. Congratulations Hanna-Sky -- and to your mom, of course!

Thanks and blessings to all who gathered this evening for the great food and for a pleasant time to spend with fellow members of the local community.


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