The heartbeat of the Church

-- Letter from the Primate, Anglican Church of Canada --

September 2018

Dear Friends in Christ,

This month marks the 125th anniversary of the formation of the General Synod of our beloved Church. It was a coming together of dioceses across Canada in the spirit of partnership in God’s mission in Christ.

In marking this milestone in our history, I am inviting our entire Church to listen to its heartbeat through conversation circles in parishes, deaneries and dioceses—in homes, church halls, outdoors, or even online!






Archbishop Fred Hiltz, formerly bishop of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island, was elected as 13th Primate of the Anglican Church of Canada in June 2007. He leads the church in discerning and pursuing the mission of God.

The Primate’s sacramental role differs from that of other bishops, as he has no diocese. The Primate’s sacramental role includes participating in the consecration of new bishops and presiding at liturgical events of General Synod. He participates in ordinations and confirmations at the invitation of the local diocesan bishop.

On an administrative level, the Primate serves as president of the General Synod, chair of the Council of General Synod, and chair of the House of Bishops. He also serves as chief executive officer of General Synod staff, most of whom work at the national office in Toronto.


  1. Nancy Fairweather on 23 September 2018 at 10:24 PM

    This would be a worthwhile observation for Lent. Perhaps we could gather at the church hall on Wednesday afternoons and follow the Heartbeat of the Church curriculum.?

    • Father Glenn on 24 September 2018 at 4:51 PM

      Hi Nancy,

      Glad you checked out this article / letter from the Primate. There is a link in the letter to the Heartbeat website. You can see the materials available there. It looks to me that the programme is one session of about a couple of hours. This could be something for Lent, as you suggest. Or, it could be something prior to Lent … but at that time, we may have a lot of “snowbirds” away. I’m glad you see value in this. I concur.

      Blessings once again,


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