'Gone by 2040?' How about 'Transformed by 2021?'

Father David Harrison writes perceptive article in March issue of The Anglican Journal

It's time to come clean and admit it. I was a coronavirus skeptic. Oh sure, I watched the news as the virus took hold in China. And then in Italy. And in other places. I saw it unfolding far away. But I never thought it would be like this here in Canada. I was wrong. Plain wrong.

In the early days, a colleague of mine, the Rev. Alison Kemper, asked a question on Facebook: "What will the Church be after the virus has come and gone?" I thought she was overreacting. Hugely. But she was actually being prophetic and asking precisely the right question-before I even knew there was a question to be asked. (Alison is a deacon; she was doing what deacons do so well: keeping the church honest and real about the world.)


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