Lambeth: Second keynote address by Justin Welby

Lambeth: Second Keynote address by Justin Welby

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Open our eyes, O Lord, as you speak to us in your word in revelation that we may see like John the Divine, the Seer, your heavenly City and seeing may be filled with hope for your work on this Earth. Amen.

God, as I said a week ago, has created a new nation - we have been looking at that all week.

And the people in Antioch, as I said a week ago, saw it for the first time.

Here in this room we are not defined as we were for many years after 1867, we are not defined by colour or nationality or language or class or education or background or contacts.

We are only defined by Christ.

As the fifteenth Lambeth Conference [gathers in 2022], it joins the ranks of other Lambeth Conferences that have met after times of global crisis. The Lambeth Conference of 1920 was delayed from 1918 in the aftermath of World War One. The 1930 conference met in the wake of the Great Depression. And the 1948 conference met in the shadow of the Second World War.

Through each conference, bishops of the Anglican Communion had to rally together to address what the world was facing and what role the church could play in working for hope in the future.

The calling and responsibility on the fifteenth Lambeth Conference is no different. It’s time for a new church to emerge that will adapt to the challenges of a new age.

It is our heartfelt prayer that the conference will provide a vital space for Anglican leaders to respond to world affairs, loving and bringing people to salvation in Christ and discerning God’s vision of what it means to be the Anglican Communion for the decade ahead.

Walking, listening and witnessing together, may we grasp the historic and significant opportunity before us.

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