Parish connects with local community


St. Matthew’s Anglican Church, Buckhorn, 1890’s


Church has a long local history in the village

By Marlys Kerkman, Special to The Examiner

Many times in this column there have been announcements of dinners and other activities at St.Matthew’s/St. Aidan’s Anglican Church in Buckhorn. What energetic, committed people they are, was my thought knowing the work and organization necessary to continually perform these community events.

This energy and motivation comes from a historic presence in Buckhorn which the present congregation is committed to preserving. As early as 1863 Anglican services were held at the home of Mr. John Hall. That home was located between the canal and the dam in Buckhorn. Services were held in this place until 1873. Services were then held in the Mission House in Buckhorn where Adele’s Beauty Shop is now located.

In 1896 the church was built on property obtained in 1894. Worship started. The frame building was bricked over in 1897. These dates can be verified by looking on the wall of the church facing the canal. The Reverend Hartley was the first minister at St. Matthew’s. While he was there for a short time, the parish hall built in 1981 was named after him.

He was also responsible for the erection of the schoolhouse in the Deer Bay area and was a teacher there. The church bell was donated by a Rev. W. Jupp who assisted Mr. Hartley. Mr. Jupp had the bell sent from a distant point in the U.S.A. after he left Buckhorn.

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A Community Spaghetti Dinner will be hosted by St. Matthew / St. Aidan Anglican Church in Buckhorn (1937 Lakehurst Rd.) on Wednesday, April 15th. An invitation is extended to people in the Buckhorn community with a special invitation to families. This will be served between 5 and 6.30 p.m. The dinner is being provided by church members with an option for a free-will offering. Come and enjoy! A call to 705-657-2572 with the number in your group would be appreciated.


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