Resources for Liturgy

A collection of resources for lectors, intercessors, officiants and celebrants

The Lectionary

  • What is a lectionary

    Background info about lectionary

  • Lectionary FAQ's

    Questions and answers about the lectionary

  • Get the lectionary for the day

    Find the readings assigned for the day which are known as the Propers.

The Scripture Readings

  • How to get the scripture readings

    Click on <Get the scripture readings> (below) and go to the Oremus bible browser. Select New Revised Standard Version. Type in the desired passage. Hit <enter>. The selected verses will be displayed.

  • What is the anglicized edition

    It is closer to Canadian English versus American English. The intention is that the Anglicized Edition presents the Scriptures in a form most accessible to its intended readers thereby reinforcing their understanding.

  • Get the scripture readings

    Go  to the Oremus browser to get the passage. There are check-box options for what to include or omit. On Sundays, the scripture is usually printed in the Order of Service. And, for reading publicly, the readings are in the Book of Lectionary Readings on the lectern.

Note: Since the Book of Lectionary Readings comes from the Episcopal Church in the USA (ECUSA), it does not use the words of the anglicized edition. Consequently, we use the New Revised Standard Version (non-anglicized) to conform with the text of the ECUSA Book of Lectionary Readings.

  • Get the Parish Liturgical Schedule

    The Liturgical Schedule (Sunday Services) provides date, name of the day, liturgical colour, and name of celebrant or officiant for all liturgies (Sundays and special weekdays) throughout the church year.