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the church in town -- Buckhorn Ontario -- Sundays 10 am

the church in town -- Buckhorn Ontario -- Sundays 10 am

Social Justice and Advocacy - resources

A collection of resources for learning about social justice issues

As a parish, we take very seriously Jesus' teachings about caring for the poor and those in need in our community and beyond. In 2018, the parish contributed $5,800 to support those in need plus additional in-kind donations.

The Diocese of Toronto provides a Poverty Reduction Page for research and to learn more about the realities of poverty. It is found in the Social Justice section of its website.

The links below connect with a selection of those resources. There is also a link to the diocesan Poverty Reduction Page. There you can find more information and other links to additional resources.

A special visitor from the "Big City" with Nancy S

Links to Learning Resources

  • Just the Facts

    Canada Without Poverty

  • Poverty Trend Report 2018

    Citizens for Public Justice

  • Fast Facts - Poverty and Social Assistance

    Income Security Advocacy Centre

  • 10 Myths - 10 Realities

    Social Assistance in Ontario

  • Hunger Report 2018

    Ontario Food Banks

  • Sick and Tired - Compromised Health

    Toronto Social Planning Council; U of T; Wellesley Institute

  • Child Poverty Report Card 2018

    Campaign 2000 to end child and family poverty


  • Policy Paper on Poverty Reduction

    Anglican Diocese of Toronto

  • Poverty Reduction Page

    Anglican Diocese of Toronto