Another Sumptuous Spaghetti Supper for Buckhorn

Local Chef Doris outdoes herself once again with her fabulous pasta sauce

On 25 September, 90 local folks gathered at St Matthew - St Aidan in the parish hall to enjoy the parish spaghetti supper given for the community. Also present were our local chef, her sous-chefs, and numerous helpers from the Buckhorn community and from the parish.

The menu featured Chef Doris' own pasta sauce for which she is becoming renown all around Buckhorn. When parishioner, Nick Sacchitiello, says that it's "justa lika momma makes", you know it's 'gotta' be really good!

Our profound thanks to Doris for her culinary gifts that she so graciously contributes to this special community event.


And thanks to Peggy who served as head sous-chef... and to everyone who helped make the evening a great success.

The People of St Matthew - St Aidan invite the local community to be our guests at these special community suppers. Many of those who attend graciously make a donation to support the ministry and work of the parish. This is not expected but is most appreciated. Thank you.

Anyone who came for the supper could put their name in a basket to enter a draw for a selection of Italian treats, goodies, and refreshment. The lucky winners on this occasion were Gerry and Debra Preston. Congratulations! We hope you enjoy the basket of Italian specialties. 

If you missed this spaghetti supper, there will be another one coming up in the new year. Watch our Parish Events page for the next one.

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Our most sincere thanks and appreciation to Doris for her gracious contribution of being our very own chef for the Spaghetti Supper. Based on all the raving about her very special pasta sauce, we're wondering if she should start preparing it for sale. We'll be the first in line along with many of the guests from the spaghetti suppers.

Blessings and many thanks from the folks at St Matthew - St Aidan. You're the best, Doris! 🙂 

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