The 2017 Strawberry Supper was sensational according to numerous reports from those who came to enjoy a great supper topped off with copious quantities of fresh local strawberries, angel food cake, ice cream and … fresh whipped cream. “There are no calories in church suppers,” one person remarked.

Both sittings — at 5 and 6:30 pm were entirely sold out. People came from the immediate area, Bobcaygeon, Lindsay, Lakefield, Peterborough and the county. There were also folks from St John’s, Newfoundland and Labrador, who had attended church on the previous Sunday. Others hailed from places such as Maryland and even England. Micheal [… yes …that is the correct spelling] was a notable guest, who arrived from Michigan. He is the son of the first Sunday School Superintendent, Earl Hall.

Many people remarked how they liked the buffet style for serving. The line-ups were no problem and there was lots of food for everyone since the supper crew were always making sure the platters were full.

Several young people lent a hand in making sure all the guests had tea, coffee, iced lemon water or juice to quench there thirst. They also made the change-over from the early setting to the second one a real snap. HUGE thanks and appreciation!

As always, thanks are due to Marylou and Peggy for heading things up this year. Plus, many thanks to each and every person who worked as part of the team to make this another fun and successful parish event. (Special thanks to Donnie and Nick for the hard work in carving enough ham and chicken for over 150 people.)

Blessings and thanks to everyone who attended. We hope you enjoyed your meal. From the feedback received, it certainly sounds that you did. See you next year.


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Micheal [sic], son of Earl Hall, first Sunday School Superintendent at St Matthew’s, 1954. His photo is in Hartley Hall.

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