Terence Finlay, who served as Bishop of the Diocese of Toronto and Metropolitan of the ecclesiastical province of Ontario from 2000-2004, died early on the morning of Monday, March 20. He was 79.

Archbishop Fred Hiltz, primate of the Anglican Church of Canada, said he was one of many who could number Terence Finlay among his closest friends.

“I admired him. I learned much from him. I was encouraged by him. I was challenged by him,” Hiltz said in a statement released Tuesday, March 21. “I always had the sense that when he said ‘I hold you in my prayers daily,’ he really did. There was about him a genuineness, a modesty, and a holiness that enriched my life and so many others too.”

Among Finlay’s gifts, Hiltz said, was his talent for enabling differently-minded people to speak and listen to each other respectfully.

Archbishop Colin Johnson, bishop of the diocese of Toronto and metropolitan of the province of Ontario, said, in a statement released by the diocese, that among the things he would miss most about Finlay were his smile and laughter. “Essentially, right at the heart of things, he was a joyful, hopeful, happy person, and deeply faithful.” … read more

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