“Am I being unfair to you” World Day of Prayer

The 2017 World Day of Prayer was held at St Matthew – St Aidan for local churches on Friday 3 March at 10:30 am. The theme for this year was developed by the women of the Philippines and its title was “Am I being unfair to you?” Women from the local Presbyterian, United Church, Church on the Rock, and Curve Lake First Nation took part in the liturgy which was led by Helen Minten of St Matthew – St Aidan’s.

About thirty members of the local churches attended and enjoyed lunch and fellowship after the Service.

The Rev’d Glenn Empey offered a homily reflection on the assigned scripture passage — Matthew 20: 1-16 The Parable of the Labourers

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Homily reflection:

Am I being unfair to you?

A very open and honest and caring question. And I assume it would be asked genuinely. It’s a question with different implications depending on where in the world a person asks this question of another. Unfairness in one part of the world may have vastly different implications in another part of the world.

In the global north, such as in Canada, in comparison to other places in the world, being unfair could vary from an annoyance to more serious results but in other parts of the world unfairness could easily result in starvation, disease, instigate civil war, and even bring death. While the general situation across our homeland is less extreme than many places elsewhere, sadly there are exceptions in our land … read more

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The St Matthew – St Aidan crew

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