BBQ for Rock the Locks 2016


“This menu is yummy”

It was an absolutely fantastic day for Rock the Locks. And the parish served up lots of tasty BBQ fare for the throngs of people who checked out the entertainment and all the displays and activities around town.

For the parish crew close-by or leaning right over the flames of a large BBQ, it was a hot day. But it was totally worth it. Most sincere thanks to Peggy and Donnie, Eunice and Jim, Nick and Nancy S, and to Heather for being there throughout the day. There is also work before and after the actual BBQ for set-up and take-down. Thank you for that important part. And thanks to those who provided behind-the-scene support. The flow of people at the BBQ was steady from the time the BBQ was fired up in the morning.

Each year Rock the Locks gets a little bit better. This year was amazing. Congratulations to BCC and to the local Chamber for a super day full of fun for all. For those who were checking things out carefully around the local attractions, you could get a  special coupon for a ‘free’ JUMBO baseball park hot dog at the BBQ courtesy of Kim Letto of the local Century 21 Real Estate office.

Thanks to all for dropping by the BBQ. Through events such as this BBQ event, the parish supports its mission in the local area and beyond. Blessings to you.

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