Clergy Report for Vestry

Clergy Report for Vestry

Parish Priest's Report is one of reports presented at the Annual Meeting of Vestry

September of this year will mark eight years that I have been serving as Parish Priest with you at St Matthew – St Aidan. As I look back on 37 years of ministry, these recent years stand out as a happy, positive and rewarding time in ministry. I am pleased to continue as Christ’s servant with our leadership team, with our other groups who come together to enable the ministry and outreach of our parish, and with the People of St Matthew – St Aidan.

I often hear people in our parish – and others from the wider community – describe our parish as being a family. 

Photo by Michael Hudson
Photo by Michael Hudson

And it seems to me that this is a quality that, in recent years, we have fostered in our parish life and in our connections with the local community. Our focus is toward the other. In particular, while we indeed care for one another within our parish family, we have come to see our parish as a base from which we reach out to care for those in need in our local community and wider afield in our county, province, nation, and beyond. Our reason for being is to learn the teachings of Jesus and to put what we learn into action. This is not just a cliché but is something very authentic and visible. It makes me think about Jesus’ words in Matthew:


Truly I tell you, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven, and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven. Again, truly I tell you, if two of you agree on earth about anything you ask, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them.’ Matthew 18: 18-20 NRSV


Our parish groups work in solidarity with one another. For some projects one group, or key person, takes the lead; on other occasions, it’s another group and another person who takes the lead. In 2018, both through our projects under the umbrella of Parish Planning Council (PPC) and our Anglican Church Women (ACW) group, we have contributed the following to those in need:


Homeward Bound Housing, Peterborough

PWRDF*, Canadian North

Water for Pikangikum

The Warming Room, Peterborough

Buckhorn School Breakfast Programme


Cameron House

SOS Children’s Villages

Trent Lakes Outreach Centre

Council of the North

Lakefield Foodbank

Trent Lakes Hamper Project

Sleeping Children Around the World

Trent Lakes Community Care

PWRDF ‘The Whole Farm’ 


Total Contributions to others


*Primate's World Relief and Development Fund (PWRDF)

































The first list comprises projects supported through Parish Planning Council. The second comprises projects supported through the Anglican Church Women group. This represents the same people working under different ‘umbrellas’ on behalf of the parish as a whole. The parish also makes in-kind contributions of food, bedding, knitted-wear, personal hygiene products etc to various local agencies.


On a budget of approximately 54 thousand dollars, this total represents a tithe of almost 11%. In addition to these funds contributed to others, the parish contributed $9, 431 to the Diocese of Toronto to support its work and ministry.


I have taken the time to outline this information because, it seems to me, that it is crucial for a parish to be focused beyond itself. This is what makes a parish a vital and vibrant presence in the community. This is what motivates its people to put the teachings of Jesus into action. This is what attracts people to become part of the Good News.


I want to commend every single person who is part of making this mission a reality and a success. Blessings to each of you: to our leadership team of Churchwardens and PPC, to the members of ACW, and to each individual in our parish and the Buckhorn community who are integral parts of all this. Blessings and thanks to each of you.


To see all the details of activities within the parish during 2018, please check the “More news” tab on the parish website -- If you’re not online, I encourage you to ask a family member to let you take a look some day through their internet connection when you’re visiting with them. We also share hardcopies from time to time with our people who do not happen to have direct access to the website.


Again, this year I want to extend my personal appreciation and thanks, on behalf of St Matthew – St Aidan, to those who share their personal gifts with us to enhance our parish life:


  • Susan Knights, our organist
  • David Peasgood, our organist and our very ‘own’ Archdeacon
  • Jim Blakeley, Nick Sacchitiello, Donnie Roberts, Don Bowles, Parish Maintenance Group
  • Helen Minten and each member of ACW
  • Marylou and team for Altar Guild
  • Each of our lectors and intercessors
  • Bill Nicholls, Officiant at Morning Prayer
  • Karen Woodley, our energetic Lay Delegate to Synod
  • Peggy Roberts, our meticulous Treasurer
  • Each member of PPC
  • Sue Swankie and Chef Doris et al from the community


And, once again this year, I want to convey my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to our Churchwardens: Olive Walduck, Marion Watson, Nancy Fairweather, and Eunice Blakeley. They continue to be models of shared-leadership, team-building, wisdom and insight along the pathway of our journey as followers of Jesus and in our continuing growth as a community of faith. My particular thanks to Eunice for all that she does much of which is behind-the-scenes and something we should not take for-granted.


The Churchwardens and I, as is our practice each year, have been reviewing our function as a team and are exploring how we can re-distribute responsibilities to keep our functioning fresh and equitable.


In closing, I want also to convey my good wishes, thanks, and appreciation to each member of our parish family for all that each one of you do to make our parish a meaningful presence in our community for the benefit of others.


Blessings to each and all,


Parish Priest

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