Delicious strawberries after all

Delicious strawberries in spite of late season

We're not exactly sure how Marylou worked her magic, but the strawberries were delicious

Both sittings in the parish hall were full for the Annual Strawberry Supper. The strawberries in the immediate Buckhorn area were not yet ready; but, Marylou worked magic to procure wonderfully delicious berries that were almost as good as the summer local varieties. The thing was that no local berries were yet available.  So 'almost as good' was pretty 'darn good'!

The menu fare was equally as delicious: moist, roast chicken, ham, and a choice of home-made potato and other salads, plus fresh rolls. Of course, the strawberries, cake, ice cream and home-made whipped cream topped everything off.

Thank you to our community volunteers for their help and to our parish team. Thanks to each of our 'cooks' and to Marylou for taking the overall lead in this great event. And thanks to Eunice for her behind-the-scene parts.

Blessings to all who attended. The proceeds of the supper support the ministry and outreach of the parish. Thank you. We hope that those who were able to attend enjoyed the evening at St Matthew - St Aidan.

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