Great deals to sniff out at Plant & Bake Sale

Shoppers were there evenl before the 9 am opening to sniff out the deals

Shoppers were there even before the 9 am opening to sniff out the deals

Baked goods and perennial plants went quickly at the Annual Plant and Bake Sale on Saturday, 28 May. By shortly after 9 am, much of the home-baking had disappeared and over half of the 753 perennials were headed to local gardens.

It was great day to be out and to get home-made baked goods and browse through a wide selection of local perennials. There were pies, which didn’t last long, banana breads, numerous kinds of cookies and other confections. When one late delivery was made by a member of the parish, the phlox were sold before they hit the table! Great deals and tasty treats. The weather also cooperated beautifully. Thanks be to God!

Thank you to our parish ‘Plant Managers’, our bakers, and our ‘logistics lads’ and especially to all who donated plants from their own gardens. It was another great day and a fun event for the parish and local community.

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