Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday

Notes for Homily, Maundy Thursday 2021


    • Our liturgy tonight for Maundy Thursday speaks for itself.



    • It was on this very night that Our Lord Jesus Christ shared his Last Supper with the disciples.



    • It was from this very night that we have the Holy Eucharist.



    • The week had begun with a sense of hope and expectation as Jesus entered Jerusalem.



    • But now, the mood and the situation was changing. Things may not be as people expected.



    • With a growing sense of tension, I think the disciples were wondering.



    • And so, it is also on this note that the cycle shits and we move down toward Good Friday.



    • It is a bittersweet moment as are other moments in the cycles of life.



    • It was also on this very night that Jesus demonstrated his model of servanthood to his disciples by washing their feet,



    • How Jesus demonstrated this caring and this humility is a continuing model for us as disciples.



    • May this example of sacrifice sustain each of us always but especially may it sustain us in these very days.

The Reverend W. Glenn Empey


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