The new Chick’n’ Ribs Dinner event

Country Chick'n' Ribs Dinner event and auction

The new Country Chick'n' Ribs Dinner was sold out over a week ahead

It was a sell-out crowd for the new Chick'n' Ribs Dinner and Auction in Hartley Hall on Monday 22 October for the Buckhorn School Breakfast Programme. Those who were lucky enough to obtain a reserved place for the dinner enjoyed a delicious meal of beautifully moist chicken breast, ribs with a phenomenal sauce, hearty home-made beans, baked potato with sour cream, and tasty home-made coleslaw all topped off by a generous slice of pumpkin pie.

Angie, Bill, and Brian provided music and song with fiddle and guitars while guests were arriving and settling in for the evening event. An added feature this year was beer and wine, available before and during the meal.

Proceeds from the event were targeted for the Buckhorn School Breakfast Programme and for the outreach of the parish.


The evening began with a warm welcome from Father Glenn and comments from Breakfast Betty (aka Sue Swankie) about the School Breakfast Programme. Volunteers, who also serve with the Breakfast Programme, were on hand to serve the plated-meal to the tables, to assist in the kitchen and with cleanup following the meal. The culinary side of things was overseen by local Chef Doris who was ably assisted by Peggy from the parish as chief sous-chef for the evening.

Following the dinner, Auctioneer, Doug Pearson, in his usual affable and lively style, led off bidding on a selection of special items. Bidding moved along at a steady pace so that all items had been auctioned off well before 8:30 pm at which time people headed home with many comments about how fun and enjoyable the meal and evening had been.

We extend our very sincere thanks to each of the many people within the local community who contributed to the success of the event in any way. And thanks to all the members of the parish whose superb teamwork made the evening a positive experience and great success. Our profound appreciation to local merchants and individuals for their contribution of auction items. And huge thanks to all those who supported the new Chick'n' Ribs dinner event by their participation.

Blessings to all!

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